ABOUT THE EVENT All about the event

The competition is organized internationally by World Skate with the support of the National Sports Secretariat (SND), the Paraguayan Olympic Committee (COP) and the Paraguayan Skating Confederation (CPP). The event is declared an event of cultural sports and tourism interest SENATUR


Approximately 1500 athletes will be demonstrating their talent on wheels

Participating countries

Countries from much of the world represented by their best athletes

Photography: Raniero Corbelletti


The event will take place from September 29 to October 9, 2021


The headquarters of the largest skating event will be in Asunción – Paraguay

The Artistic Skating World Championship will be held for the first time in Asunción-Paraguay and it will be a different edition due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

LIVE STREAMING Enjoy live streaming from wherever you are

ORGANIZATION Local Organizing Committee

The local Organizing Committee (COL) is made up of members of the National Sports Secretary, the Paraguayan Olympic Committee and the Paraguayan Skating Confederation.

Minister Fátima Morales Honorary President

Larissa Schaerer

General Secretary

Sandra Gomez Trevisan

Executive director

Veronica Arguello

Administrative director

Ricardo Deggeller

Sports Director

Esteban Casarino

General Advisor

Pilar Conti

Project Manager


Mimbi means bright in the Guarani language and is the name of our mascot.

She represents our skaters who are also brilliant beings who captivate with their pirouettes.

Mimbi is a “armadillo” from Paraguay, who loves figure skating on rollers, since in fact by nature she loves to spin while moving around in her morning tasks.

She has a shell that protects her from all falls, so she is not afraid to jump into challenges, also is very friendly and loves to travel.

Lively, fast and enterprising by nature, loves working as a team and what she can do on her own makes it exceptionally perfect.

Her original home is in the north of Paraguay, where she faced the danger of extinction due to deforestation, drought, fires and indiscriminate hunting, which made her resilient, tolerant and a defender of all animals in danger of extinction just like her. .

Mimbi, represents the strength that resides in beings of unthinkable, small, indigenous and diverse origins.

She will be joining us at the Artistic Skating World Championships Asuncion 2021.

About the Tatú Bolita

The armadillo or commonly called Tatú Bolita in Paraguay is a native mammal of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, it is the only type of armadillo that as a defense method can become a perfect ball, it feeds on ants and termites. Previously it was commonly seen in the Paraguayan Chaco which is located 518 km from the country’s capital, Asunción.

This little animal is in danger of extinction, so from the Artistic Skating World Championships Asuncion 2021 we feel the mission of commemorating it with our mascot “Mimbi”, calling on the whole world about the importance of caring for our unique and native species of our region.